The Best Computer Speakers in 2021 Complete review

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The Best Computer Speakers in 2021 Complete review

As an entertainment hub without the best desktop speakers, the PC would not live easily without its capabilities.

Speakers are needed if you work from a desk or play PC games, as they can turn your desk into a functional home theater when you need to turn off some steam.

Look out below for some of our favorite PC speakers.

1. Audiozine A2 +
AudioEngine A2 + is a 2.0 speaker system designed to work best with computers, despite the durability of studio monitors and bookshelf speakers.

These speakers have a very small desk footprint, especially considering that they do not come with a subwoofer and also produce a full range of sound without a special subwoofer.

Although they are valuable compared to traditional 2.1 computer speaker setups, they are solid value as a product that touches high-end audiophile quality.

In addition to its analog 3.5mm and RCA inputs, these speakers also have USB DAC (Digital Audio Converter), which is great.

The rear placement of the volume knob is an unfortunate design flaw but is easily overlooked due to its sound.

With just 2.75-inch subwoofers and 3/4-inch Silk Dome tweeters, one might not expect much volume from these 60 watt A2 + speakers, but they do deliver surprising volume.

They should emphasize a lot more than their size but eventually indulge by a big party dinner. However, they do create a huge sound stage with distant stereo sound.

Their frequency range is 65Hz-22kHz making punch low-end sound along with the sharp and clear high-end sound.

The bass has some flaws due to the size but considering this, the overall balance and clarity.

The sound is particularly impressive as these speakers do not display any digital signal processing, while other speakers are used to giving an artificial boost to their compartment bass frequencies.

The DSP ultimately improves speaker sound but creates a more pure, unbiased sound for a more authentic listening experience.

Also, if you expect to get more bass sound from these speakers, you can use the analog out port to connect subwoofers like the Polk Audio PSW10 and complete the 2.1 setups.

Although it does not come with a subwoofer, these speakers receive audiophile quality sound at a hefty price.

A2 + is an excellent choice until you decide to save the sub for later upgrades.

2. Hermann Cordon Soundsticks III 2.1
Harmon Cordon Soundsticks III 2.1 Speaker A pair of speakers that deliver equally beautiful sound.

The stunning and durable transparent polycarbonate material and the modern, rounded shape are very nicely designed, their predecessor being a part of a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Everything about this pair of speakers is quality, with its thick silver-plated cable and touch-sensitive controls on the right speaker.

The right speaker has a single input 3.5mm jack that ignores connecting the RCA connector or adapter.

Angle-adjustable satellite speakers can be rotated up to direct sound and take up very little desk space for the noise they pack.

The power button is mounted on the subwoofer, which is uncomfortable but helps to preserve the unique style of these speakers.

These 40-watt speakers deliver large volumes but most importantly produce great sound.

Its frequency range is 44Hz - 20kHz, which provides a nice extension from the 6-inch down-facing subwoofer.

Everything is not too high and is well balanced with the high end of the speaker.

Its satellite speakers are combined with eight full-range 1-inch transducers, woven with rich highs and clear mids.

There is no frequency mess or crossover, which further enhances the neutrality of the sound.

These beautiful, compact speakers are even more useful because they also come in a Bluetooth compatible version.

This version is at a very low price increase for this one extra feature, but if you get these for a laptop or you have a large music library on your phone, it's worth it for these great speakers.

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