How to setup Linksys RE7000

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How to setup Linksys RE7000

How to Configure Linksys RE7000

Linksys Extender RE7000-Max-Stream AC1900+ Setup
Linksys is a renowned brand for the variety of extenders it offers. Linksys RE7000 Setup is one of the jewels in the Linksys basket. It is configured to operate in two modes, including the Access Point and the Range Extender so that customers can set up Linksys RE7000 in the mode that fits their requirements.

How to mount Linksys RE7000
If you are planning to install Linksys Extender Setup RE7000, you should first keep giving information conveniently. That's:

Check your connection to the wireless network. At least one wireless network link, i.e. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, should be in an inactive state.

You should know the wireless network settings of your home network, such as your network name, password, etc. If for some excuse, you forget to set the wireless network information of your home network, you must first retrieve it.

These are various instructions in the Linksys RE7000 setup as shown below:
1. The first phase when installing any device remains the same as the Linksys Extender RE7000 device setup on power. Then wait a while before the LED light turns amber.

2. Then, to start that installation process, you need to login to Linksys Extender Setup RE7000, which can be done by connecting to the SSID called Linksys Extender Setup – xxx by using your computer like a laptop or a phone. Here this xxx denotes the last three characters of the MAC address of Linksys RE7000 written on the label at the back of Linksys RE7000.

3. After this, you will need to open any web browser available on your computers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or any other. Then type extender Linksys in the web browser address bar. You can also type in its position and click Enter. This setup wizard will be introduced.

4. Now you need to hit the Start Linksys RE7000 Setup option.

5. You will now be asked to create an admin password and a password hint. By entering the same thing, save it.

6. Check the choice As a wireless range extender and click Next.

7. Now, pick your home networks from the available networks. Pop up will fill in your password, enter your password, and click OK. But if your network name is secret, click on the Network Name and Password Manually.

8. You will now be required to designate extended network SSIDs and a wireless password.

9. Now the Spot Finder page is coming up. This is to analyze the signal strength between the router and the Linksys range extender. In case you find that the intensity is too poor, reduce the gap between the range extender and the router to the extent possible.

10. You don't do anything at all to upgrade their firmware, as it'll be automatically updated.

Now you can install it everywhere you want and solve the hot spot problem on your channel.

We attempted to explain the different steps in as much detail as possible for the Linksys RE7000 system. But even then, the customer will encounter some issues whilst installing Linksys Extender Setup RE7000.

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