Use of custom kraft boxes in various industries

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Use of custom kraft boxes in various industries

Today, the packaging industry is readily making use of custom kraft boxes. Gone are the days when plastic packaging was ruling. Realizing the problems related to pollution and littering packaging industry stepped up to work on cardboard-based packaging solutions. Companies realized that their packaging was leading to a significant increase in littering. This plastic-based littering sits in the wastelands for thousands of years without getting decomposed. It keeps releasing harmful chemicals that keep destroying the earth and the living organism nearby. With the evolution of the packaging industry versatile types of stocks are now available for companies. The brands and companies can select custom kraft boxes based on their product needs and marketing requirements. Customers love brands that use these boxes and show their appreciation by preferring them over other brands. They know that these boxes are crafted from recyclable material and are safe for use.

Green companies and brands are switching from traditional packaging to include printed kraft boxes in different sizes and dimensions for packaging their products. They are used to pack not just gigantic products and items but smaller items as well. Often, we see assorted donuts, cupcakes, and other food items packages in these boxes. It is up to the food brands to select full-color or selected color printing for these boxes to brand them.

Printed kraft boxes in the jewelry industry
Countless companies are using kraft boxes packaging boxes for wrapping their smaller items. I remember buying beautiful earrings for myself, which came in pretty triangular-shaped Kraft boxes. Although branding on these boxes was done one color, it still looked mesmerizing. The jewelry industry has countless items that need packaging. Jewelry brands that want to offer cleaner packaging solutions to their customers use these boxes with internal inserts and fillers. The cardboard-based inserts used in these boxes are also manufactured from recycled materials. The inserts help in keeping jewelry items in place safely. If more than one items are packed, these inserts prevent them from bumping into each other.
kraft boxes packaging boxes in candles
Many candle brands that offer candles for aromatherapy and other purposes use custom kraft boxes to package their products. to highlight their product line they use custom printed sleeves on these boxes, which bear printed details related to;
1. Lighting instructions
2. Weight of candles
3. Fragrances
4. Ingredients’ list
5. Marketing Retail price
6. Maximum burning hours etc.

Sometimes candles are also packed with other accessories. For example, a candle snuffer to put out candles may be added to the candle ordered. It is a safe way to put out the candles as blowing on them can cause someone nearby to get hurt due to melted wax. Kraft packaging boxes help the companies pack, display, transport, and deliver these products safely to the customers. It also helps them display the products on the retail shelves in a space-efficient yet impressive manner.

Kraft boxes in the USA for Soaps and Bath bombs
The organic soap makers are in love with kraft boxes packaging boxes. They are always searching for packaging solutions that do not harm the planet or living creatures on it. The Kraft boxes go perfectly well with their business ethics and marketing themes. They use features like full-color printing, window-patching, window cut-out, selected color printing, and other add-ons on these boxes to make them appear distinct and attractive. Even the assorted sets of bath bombs made from seaweed glitter are preferably packaged in these boxes.

Custom kraft boxes help save the planet
Custom printed kraft boxes save the planets’ resources and energy. If you are searching retail boxes made from custom kraft boxes, check out hundreds of creative and impressive customization options with ClipnBox at affordable rates and the highest quality.

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