Get an Idea Of When To Replace Your Car Tyres

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Get an Idea Of When To Replace Your Car Tyres

Predicting the exact expiry of anything is impossible. One can only guess how long something will last by looking at its present condition. The same is the case with car tyres. When it comes to determining tyres' expiry, we have to consider several aspects.

Let us discuss them in detail

DOT (estimate five years)
When you purchase your tyres, you thoroughly check the size, speed rating and load index present on the sidewall. But there is one more important piece of information present on the sidewall. It is the DOT code. The DOT of any tyres tells you about its manufacturing date. Experts recommend keeping track of this DOT code and avoiding using your Uniroyal Tyres Bromsgrove past five years from its manufacturing date. Though it is true for the safer side, you can still use your tyres after five years. The only suggestion for such usage is your get it maintained regularly and avoid rash driving. Also, you must ask your local tyre expert before for their condition before using them after five years from the DOT. But one must replace their tyre after 9 to 10 years from DOT even though the tyres may be in excellent condition.

Cracked sidewall
The sidewall is an essential element of any tyre as it bears the complete weight of the car, its passengers and luggage. Hence it should be maintained in excellent condition always. Cracks on the sidewall are a clear indication that the tyres have aged either prematurely or naturally. These cracks create soft spots in the tyre and, when tested under pressure or high speed, give up to the forceful conditions. They can lead to blowouts or punctures, which can be fatal on busy roads. Therefore, whenever you notice cracks appearing on your car's tyres' sidewall, don't delay and replace the tyres immediately.

Punctures beyond repair
Punctures are very common for any motorist. Though one tries to avoid every possible cause of punctures, they can easily find land in hot waters. Most of the times, they can easily be repaired, and you are good to get back to the roads. But when the puncture is more significant than some specified criteria, it is recommended not to get it repaired and replace the tyre instead. You can ask your tyre expert if the puncture is repairable or not. If they suggest you for a tyre replacement, ensure to purchase new tyres as soon as you get the chance.

Shallow tread depth
Tread of Tyres Bromsgrove helps you manoeuvre your vehicle through tight corners and stop the vehicle within a safe distance. With time the tread wears out, and the traction between the road and the tyre decreases dramatically. In case this is the case with you, and your tyres have balded in patches, or the tread depth has reduced below 2mm, start looking to purchase new tyres for your car. Further, the legal tread depth set by the government in the UK is 1.6mm or above. You can be fined for driving cars with tyres having tread depth below this limit.

Conclusion: As tyres are essential in maintaining comfort and road safety, one must know when to replace their tyres. I hope the points mentioned above could have been of some help to you. To know more about tyre and road safety, contact your local tyre expert today.

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