Worlds Highest Paid Female Models That You Should Know

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Worlds Highest Paid Female Models That You Should Know

Attractive is the main key for a woman to be a model. What is meant by attractive here will obviously be different according to each person. Likewise, the agent who shelters the model and the people who saw it. In essence, women or women who work as professional models certainly have attractive criteria. Therefore, they are also rewarded with high pay. There are at least professional and world’s famous female models who have very high pay. Who are they Here's the list.

1. Doutzen Kroes 8 Million USD
This model with an attractive smile is a model from the Netherlands. Doutzen Kroes, this woman started her career as a model in 2003. It didn't take her long to get noticed by a modeling agency. She was then sent to New York and was given the opportunity to become a model of lingerie from the famous Victoria's Secret brand.

Being Victoria's Secret model from 2008 to 2014, Doutzen Kroes is no longer an ordinary model. Her face appears frequently in the magazines Time, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Glamor, and Vogue. No wonder he gets a high salary. In 2021, Doutzen Kroes has a payment of up to 8 million USD.

2. Joan Smalls 8.5 Million USD
Maybe some of you often hear models from America, Australia, France, and other European countries. Rarely did anyone hear of a model from a small country. Take Puerto Rico for example. Puerto Rico is an island located in the Caribbean. It was from this island that a beautiful woman named Joan Smalls was found.

The owner of the full name Joan Smalls Rodriguez first became a model for one of the famous cosmetic brands, Estee Lauder. In 2011, she became the first Latin model to model for Estee Lauder. An achievement that Joan Smalls can be proud of. In 2013, he made it into Forbes magazine as one of the most expensive paid models read also: Entrepreneurial Motivation Billionaires Who Started With Nothing

3. Bella Hadid 8.5 Million USD
This model has the full name Isabella Khair Hadid or commonly known as Bella Hadid. Hearing the name Hadid, of course, is no longer a foreign name. Bella belongs to the Hadid family where most of her siblings have a career in the modeling world. And he managed to put his name in the list of the world's most expensive models.

In 2021, Bella Hadid has a payment of up to 8.5 million USD. Not a small number for a woman born in 1996. She is also the youngest model to make it into this list. This American model was named Model of the Year by Models which is a big industry in the modeling world in 2016.

4. Gigi Hadid 9.5 Million USD
There is another member of the Hadid family whose name is on the list of the highest-paid models. If Bella Hadid's name was previously mentioned, now is the turn of her sister, Gigi Hadid. The age difference between Bella and Gigi is only 1 year. At this age, Gigi Hadid has succeeded in making the world recognize herself as a supermodel.

At the age of 22 years, Gigi has managed to attract several fashion brands to use her as a model. Call it the brands such as Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, BMW, and Topshop. Obviously, it is not an ordinary fashion brand. By Models, her name was included in the list of 50 famous models. In 2016, she was awarded the International Model of the Year award by the British Fashion Council.

5.Gisele Bundchen 10.5 Million USD
The name Gisele Bundchen is not an arbitrary name. She is one of the world's famous supermodels. For several years his name has managed to occupy the list of famous models with the highest paid in the world. Even in 2021, he managed to occupy the 6th position with a fee of up to 10.5 million USD. It should be noted that Bundchen has decided to retire from the world of modeling considering that he is no longer young. This Brazilian model is now more focused on her family and business. Bundchen was included as a model at Victoria's Secret from 2000 to 2007. Not only as a model, Bundchen was also active in charity Doctors without Borders and Save the Children, Red Cross.

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