What Is Tyre Rub And How Can You Prevent It

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What Is Tyre Rub And How Can You Prevent It

When we buy a new vehicle, most of us tend to change the size of our tyres. People opt for bigger tyres for various reasons. Some people feel that changing the size of the tyres will enhance the performance of the vehicle, which is actually true. Others do it to bring about some change in the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. There’s no doubt that bigger tyres take the visual appeal of the vehicle a notch higher. While some feel that the corner and brake of the tyre better when they change the size.

So, we see, people have their own reasons for changing the size of the tyres Borehamwood. However, while doing this, most of the times, the tyres bash into the wheels when the car is out on the roads. This specifically happens, when your vehicle passes over a bump in the road. This is actually called ‘tyre rub’. If you’re careful about it and take certain preventive measures while buying such tyres, you can avoid these fiascos. Let us understand what exactly is tyre rub.

What is tyre rub
Tyre rub happens when there isn’t enough clearance in the wheel wells. When you buy new tyres, your wheels and rims need to match each other. The total size of both of these things shouldn’t extend beyond the wheel well clearances. If this is not taken care of your rims will be bent and the tyres are going to rub too. Tyres are one of the most expensive parts of the vehicle and if this issue isn’t addressed immediately, then this can be quite damaging to your tyres. In the worst cases, this can also lead to blowouts. No one wants to witness such catastrophic incidents on the roads So, here are some tips to prevent it.

Precautions to take to prevent tyre rub
·Before you go to purchase your new tyres, make sure you get to know about the clearance of your vehicle.

·If you plan to select larger rims and wheels, you must be careful about the height of the sidewall and the width of the tyre.

·You should be well aware of the height of the tyres you’re buying. Look up the information on tyre size in your owner’s manual. If you’re sure about the height of the tyre and the clearance, you can avoid tyre rub. The first number on the tyres indicates the width of the tyres, which is in millimetres.

·Even though your rim is larger in size now, it must be able to support the weight of the vehicle.

·When you check the measurement of the tyres Elstree, make sure that your vehicle doesn’t have any cargo in it and it is flat on the surface.

·You must measure all four tyres so that there’s no room for incongruity. Measure the tyres from the front and back both.

·Once you’re done with all these procedures, you can go ahead with your decision of changing the tyre size.

·The combined height of the wheels and rims should be within the limits of clearance.

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