Best Physical Therapy for Ankle Injuries

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Best Physical Therapy for Ankle Injuries

Everyone experiences an ankle or leg injury at least once in a lifetime. The foot has been a valuable part of the body, providing motion for the body. This makes it more prone to injuries. The ankle is the joint that allows your foot to bend towards any direction you want it to. As little as it may seem, it is mainly important. Regular therapy is needed even before any form of injury arises. This would ensure that you do not break down or have to go through rehabilitation at any point at all. Like the best physical therapy for elbow injuries, ankle injuries treatment would provide motion range, stretching ability, strength, and an excellent balance and control level.

Below is a list put together by our experts to combat ankle injuries:

Alphabet writing with the Toe
Use the tip of your affected ankle's toe to draw basic shapes in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Also, gently write the alphabets of the English language while comfortably sitting in a chair. This procedure allows for light movement within the affected region and gradually causes your relief. Do this three times daily.

Paper and towel crumple
Sit in a chair that doesn't sink. Place either a paper or a towel in front of you and try to grab it with your toes, squeezing it as comfortably as you can. Do this seven times in one stretch daily. You can do 2 to 3 stretches daily.

Foot drive/drag
Sit in a chair (preferably plastic) with your heads up and straight. With your affected foot on the ground, gently tilt it to the left and the right without moving the heel. Do this ten times or less if you feel the pain.

Heel inclination
Sit on a stool with your feet on the ground. Gently raise your heels with your toes bearing their strength. Stay in that position as long as you can, and return to the initial position after 7 to 10 seconds. The unaffected foot can serve as motivation for the affected one. When this procedure becomes easy sitting, observe the same procedure while standing, this provides support for your body with your hands against a wall.

Affected ankle balance
While standing, seek support either by placing your hands on the wall or a chair back. Lift your good (unaffected) leg, shifting your body weight to the affected leg. Stay in that position for as long as 30 seconds before returning to your original position. Do this five times daily. As time goes on, withdraw the wall and chair back support, one at a time.. Then a Range of Motion physical therapy to help better the use of your arm would be beneficial to you. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a plan of care to help you return to your previous level of function

Ankle injuries are a bit serious, and they take a while to heal. This is because it is almost impossible for anyone not to move around or stand during the injury. As a recap, some of the effective physical therapy

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