Tommy John Surgery in Philadelphia

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Tommy John Surgery in Philadelphia

Athletes spend an immense amount of time training and preparing for competition. In many cases, all of this training and preparation will prevent injuries. Unfortunately, no amount of training and preparation will prevent all injuries, and in sports, they will happen, it is just a reality of life. The more active that you are the higher risk you are of facing some type of injury at some point

Most injuries are not that severe and can be remedied with rest and maybe using ice to bring down swelling and physical therapy to get strength back and prevent further injury. However, in more severe cases, surgery may be needed to correct something that was broken or torn due to injury. Most doctors recommend physical therapy after surgeries.

Physical therapy after surgeries makes a lot of sense. Physical therapy after surgeries will help you recover at a safe but quicker pace, help you learn to prevent future injuries, and make you stronger. . In most cases after surgery, physical therapy will be prescribed. You may not be too aware of physical therapy if you have never had surgery or significant injury before. If you have never had physical therapy before, here are some things you will want to think about.

Tommy John Surgery in Philadelphia
Tommy John's surgery or UCL reconstruction is a common surgery for pitchers. If you have Tommy John Surgery in Philadelphia, or anywhere else, you will need to have physical therapy afterward to ensure a proper recovery. Damage to your UCL can be career-threatening to a pitcher if it is not handled correctly.

If you are having trouble with your elbow or having pain originating in your elbow and you end up needing Tommy John Surgery in Philadelphia, you should consider Petroski Physio for your physical therapy needs after surgery. They can help you come up with a physical therapy treatment plan that will be individualized to suit you and help you recover at the rate most suitable for your body.

Facing an injury as an athlete is really tough. It takes you away from your sport, and in many cases, it even threatens your livelihood. Make sure that if you have to have Tommy John Surgery in Philadelphia, that you have the right physical therapist in your corner. Petroski Physio will give you a great game plan to get you back in the game. They have a great one on one approach and get you back on track with no unnecessary doctors’ appointments, excessive opioids, or other obstacles that could otherwise slow you down. The specialists at Petroski Physio will give you an individualized approach to recovery that will help you to meet all of your recovery and sports goals.

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