Best Water Parks in UAE

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Best Water Parks in UAE

UAE is a land of superlatives with the word ‘heat’ being a synonym to it. Be it any time of the year, it’s impossible to prevent yourself from getting the beads of sweat flowing down your neck. But that doesn’t mean the UAE is not suitable for a visit. It may sound ironic, but this land of the desert has so many water parks that you can never feel the temperature. Whether you want to experience unique rides and slides, float lazily on a river, or surf on waves like on the ocean, here are the best water parks in UAE to beat the heat.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Though this is the oldest among all the UAE water parks, it’s still popular among locals and tourists. The best thing about it is the location, which is next to the Burj Al Arab hotel. The park is equipped with 30 rides and attractions fully functional to cater to the taste level of the thrill of all ages. Enjoy a fast slide with countless twists and turns through a dark tunnel; experience an adrenaline-pumping ride with the Tantrum Alley and Burj Surf. Experience the joy of surfing on the ocean with the Wipeout Flowriders. Some popular rides that you shouldn’t miss are Jumeirah Sceirah where you need to climb up a 32-meter tall tower and come down tucked in a capsule experiencing a whirlwind ride. For families, the park offers Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon with tonnes of activities such as racing slides, water guns, and others.

Yas Water Park

Located in Yas Island, the Yas Water Park is a favorite among adrenaline junkies. With 40 unique rides, it is one of the best Water Parks in UAE that is ranked at 9th position among the top 25 water parks in the world. It is renowned for a surfing sheet wave and the longest roller coaster. For those wishing for an extreme slide, the water park has Jebel Drop. Other popular slides are Hamools Hump, Liwa Loop, and Falcon Falaj, the longest roller coaster ride in the entire Middle East. There are many cafes and restaurants to satiate your hunger pangs and shops to buy a souvenir for you.

Laguna Water Park

Laguna is another famous water park in the UAE with thrilling rides and a private beach. There are many hair-raising slides such as the Manta ride. This ride will have you slide at an amazing speed in an enclosed tube with numerous twists and turns. This water park has four zones to offer different experiences to visitors. They are Surf, Slide, Splash, and Relax. Moreover, the park has a pool lounge, a big play area for children, and a lazy river. The park operates daily from 10 am to 6 pm and is located at La Mer, Dubai.

Legoland Water Park, Dubai

This water park is more like a movie set due to its design of Lego theme. Ideally suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old, the Legoland Water Park is the most preferred choice of families. To keep the young ones occupied all day, the park offers 20 rides out of which the Duplo Splash Safari, Twin Chasers, and the Joker Soaker are the most popular. The water park is an extension of the Dubai Parks and Resorts designed especially for children and families. Besides the fun, this place is also good to stimulate the brain of children by indulging in the activity of building a raft with Lego soft bricks. After building it, families can float on the lazy river with it. It is located opposite the Palm Jebel Ali and operates from morning 10 to evening 7.

Dreamland Aqua Park

If you want to spend an eventful day with your family, then Dreamland Aqua Park is the ‘destination.’ Located in Umm Al Quwain, this is the youngest water park in the UAE. What makes it worth visiting is the beautiful coastline of the Umm Al Quwain’s, the lush-green atmosphere, and plenty of rides and attractions for the entire family. The fun-filled slides that are must give a try are Twister where you slide through a 40-meter long tunnel and fall in a 2-meter deep pond. Another one is the Black Hole where you can find yourself in total darkness as you slide through a maze of tunnels. The Twisting Dragons are another attraction where it’s easy to enter a slide but difficult to guess the exist.

Aquaventure Atlantis Water Park, Dubai

Aquaventure Water Park is located in the complex of the Atlantis Hotel. It is one of the super innovative and futuristic water parks that has recently bagged the third position among the top 25 water parks in the world. Its waterslides, rides, and attractions draw a large crowd. From light to moderate and extreme slides that pump adrenaline and induce goosebumps, to floating on the fast-moving, longest river stretching up to 2.8 km, and a private beach to stroll and relax, this is one of the largest and best water parks in the UAE. You can choose from seven adrenaline-pumping slides that start from a 30-meter high structure called Ziggurat. And if you have a strong heart, then take the Leap of Faith slide where you drop vertically from the top of a 27.5-meter slide that runs through a shark-filled lagoon. Other activities that you might like to try are feeding the stingrays and zip lining 65 feet above the park to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire park.

Iceland Dubai
Located in Ras Al Khaimah, the Iceland Water Park is the largest in the UAE. This water park features over 30 exciting slides, a massive wave pool, the world’s largest man-made waterfall, a rain dance pool, and luxurious private cabanas for a stay. The park also has a private beach and a lap pool that is Olympic size. For the safe entertainment of children, the park offers huge kids’ pools. The park is surrounded by the picturesque Hajar Mountains and the Persian Gulf. So you are in between beautiful hills and an awe-inspiring blue sea. The park is built of the Penguin Home Land theme and is regarded as the coolest place in the entire UAE.

It goes without saying that there are more water parks in the UAE than shown in the above list. However, if you visit any one of those, your holiday in the UAE will definitely be unforgettable. Book your tickets for the futuristic and innovative water park with a reputed local tour operator and experience water fun in the true sense.

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