Positive and Negative Effects of Immigration

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Positive and Negative Effects of Immigration

Immigration is basically an international movement of people from the motherland to another country where they don’t possess citizenship. There have many reasons for immigration like study, job and sometimes for permanent shifting. Therefore, a huge amount of people every year immigrate to another more developed country from their own country.

For example, in Canada, this rate is too high. Every year, 3,00,000 people are immigrating to Canada. According to a report, around 8 million people from another country (have permanent residency) are immigrants.

If we want to talk about the rate, 21.5 percent of the whole Canadian population are from other countries. Here, you will be agreed with us that the number is huge.

It greatly impacts the social condition, economic condition, environment, and many other things of Canada that everyone should know.

In this article, we will discuss the positive and the negative effects of immigration in Canada.

Positive and Negative Effects of Immigration
Everyone wants to live in a developed and good country where almost all the facilities have a great life. So, it is a good sign for Canada and all other countries where the immigration rate is high that they are good enough.

But immigration has some bad as well as a good effect on that country. Here we are giving you both effect by starting with positive effect:

Positive Effects of Immigration

Economic growth:
Immigration increases the country's labor forces, which helps the country increase production and ultimately helps a country in its economic growth. The government also get benefit there because tax revenue increases at a significant level.

Potential Entrepreneurship:
People move from one country to another country for fulfilling their life goals. Among the immigrants, there have a lot of people who have the goal of being an entrepreneur. You all know how important entrepreneurs are for a country. So, we have to say it is a very significant advantage of immigration for a country.

Increment of demand and growth:
When the new population comes to a country, a country's total demand increases because everyone needs to meet it. Besides, people move from one country to another for getting better facilities as well as better earning. So, immigrants agree to spend more money than they usually spend. It will help a country to increase demand and growth.

Skilled workforce:
You know well that how important it is to have a skilled workforce for a country. There have a huge number of people who have skill but don’t get the opportunity to utilize. They want to immigrate to another country to get better opportunities. Thus, immigration helps a country to get a skilled workforce.

Better labor market:
When one country has a skilled workforce, its labor market quality is also increased. That means, by the immigrant or immigration, that country is getting a better labor market, which is very important for every country.

Multi culture society:
By immigration, people move to a country from a different culture, a different society where the rules and regulations are different. By this method, one society made a multi-culture society, which is amazing.

Job vacancy fills up:
Sometimes you may also notice that a lot of vacancies announce, but companies don’t get the perfect candidate for the post. Immigrants can help fill up those vacancies, which is very important for that companies and ultimately the country.

Government revenue:
By immigration, the population of a country is ultimately increased. We all know that most government revenues come from taxes. So, when the population is increasing, the amount of taxes are also increasing, and at the same time, government revenue is also increasing.

The solution to skilled worker shortage:
Sometimes, companies face a shortage of skilled workers. Through the immigration process, every country of the country gets a huge chance to meet its skilled worker's needs. So, it is a good solution for the shortage of skilled workers.

These are the main positive sides of immigration for every country, including Canada.

Negative Site of Immigration
Now let’s talk about its bad or negative sides. These are as follows:

Contradiction from the prompt immigration:
There have some disharmonies from the prompt immigration. For example, immigrants are from multi-culture. Sometimes one country’s real culture is threatened by the immigrants. It creates a huge problem in society.

Housing expenses:
When immigrants come to a country, the demand for many necessary things is increased, including housing. For extra demand, the rent of the houses is also increased. So, their overall housing cost is increased, which is not good for that country's citizens. It is also a reason for decreasing standard of living.

Impact on real wages:
When companies and organizations get easy availability of skilled workers, they try to reduce their wages. It is the nature of every country’s businesses and economy. In that case, immigration has a very bad impact on the reals wage.

The collapse of real GDP per capita:
In the view of immigrants, yes, the GDP increases for immigration. But if we think wholly, the country's population increases and at the same time GDP per person decreases. So, sometimes, it is very bad for the economy of a country.

Pressure on government services:
Government services are for the fixed amount of people of a country. Extra people come, and sometimes it creates pressure on government services, imposing new immigration laws every year.

Final Thoughts
Everything has its good sides and at the same time bad sides. Immigration is not extraordinary here. It also has both sides. Here in this article, we have discussed the positive and negative effects of immigration in detail. We hope you have got everything that you were searching for about this topic in this article.

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