10 stuff in Mauritius for couples

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10 stuff in Mauritius for couples

Just look for Mauritius for a romantic honeymoon destination. For decades the island of the Indian Ocean has been a pillar for South African couples and it is easy to see why. There's no end to the fun and bustling story of your other person with stunning beach views and romantic activities. Here are certain activities that are indispensable for your next escape from the island.

The beautiful tropical island of Mauritius has become a top destination for travelers of all kinds. This enchanting destination has something for everyone, from unhappy adventurers to budget-conscious families and luxury honeymoons. However, with rolling hills covered by thick jungle, pristine coconut-lined beaches, and warm, bright blue waters, it is certainly the ultimate place for couples in search of a sensational, relaxation-filled, romantic getaway to enjoy this special chirp.

1: Belle Mare Beach Sundowners
Sometimes, all you need is a beautiful view and your favorite person. Enjoy delicious drinks on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. A long stretch of pristine white sand, turquoise sea, and clear water, surrounded by big casuarina trees, will complete your day with a great note.

2: walk by hand through the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses.
This part of the paradise, which makes it a definite must, is the oldest botanical garden of the southern hemisphere. Marvel at the wonderful collection of 85 palm trees, in the spice garden and, of course, in this notable natural location, of the giant water lilies.

3: Riemdael Beach horse riding
Horse riding and romanticism go hand in hand. Fill the equation with the beach and you're golden. When in Mauritius, make sure you go with your own love on a scenic horseback ride to make you feel that you are the main characters of your own novel.

4: Explore Chamarel Waterfall
The highest waterfall in the country is the perfect activity for the day. Wade in the cool waters and enjoy the green leaves and dense forest around you. Take advantage.

5: Sunset Catamaran Cruise
Experience a life of luxury on a catamaran cruise at least for a little while. Mauritius packages are best seen from the water, so this opportunity simply cannot be missed. During the whole day of catamaran cruises, going on sunset offers wonderfully soft skies and cooler weather. It is the perfect time to pamper yourself and enjoy the best of nature.

6: A helicopter tour of the ‘Underwater Waterfall
You have to go up to a truly hypocritical view. Actually, this curiosity is an optical illusion. Mauritius is located on a shelf above sea level, gradually descending into an abyss that abruptly falls in a depth of 4000 meters. The sand and silt movement on this path causes the water to appear in different colors, creating an effect of an underwater cascade. What an unforgettable marvel.

7: Ile aux Cerfs to spend the day
Ile aux Cerfs, popularly called Treasure Island, is a private island with some of the best beaches in the world. Enjoy the various water sports and beach activities on the island during the day. You and your partner will fall absolutely in love with the island from getting around in glass-bound boats to snorkeling in the crystal-clear water.

8: Sleep under the stars
Ile Aux Cerf is a must-stay for a romantic night. The resort offers a bubble lodge, a lounge, a cozy bedroom, a washroom, and an open sky shower. The resort has a bubble bed. The combination of earthy tones and natural materials is tastefully decorated in each unit.

9: Hike up Le Morne mountain
Maybe a romantic walk doesn't sound, but we are promising to do so. Once you reach the top of Le Morne you can take your breath away from the view of Mauritius.

10: Witness the Coloured Earth of Chamarel
You say red is love's color, so why don't you go to the hue around you? Seven colorful Earths form truly a natural geological formation, in which sandy dunes of rainbow modulate and become established in separate layers.

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