Is it worth it buying Instagram Followers

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Is it worth it buying Instagram Followers

The changing Instagram algorithm has somewhere forced different businesses and influences to increase their Instagram followers. It is not because this platform is promoting its products or services perfectly; it has become quite difficult to gain likes and followers. One has to post on interacted photos to be there in the league.

Instagram is one of the most preferred social platforms for influencers and especially for those who are receiving money in exchange for the sponsored posts. Earnings through Instagram are magically good. You can easily find some influencers there on this platform that is getting about $18,000 per post. Isn’t’ that seems great?

Surely yes and that is something that has inspired the lucrative influencers to attract to this lucrative way to earn money. Getting free Instagram followers or buying Instagram followers is not a bad thing but this aspect is not going to help you in the long run.

The path of success may seem to be simpler enough for you but it is surely not. For growing up a large growing you need to make yourself visible to the brands and that too with the budget of influencer marketing to strike up a business deal.

One thing that we would like to tell you here that getting a larger following is not going to be your only goal here. Businesses also look forward to the value of the content you are providing to your fans. A large number of followers can act as social proof but the value of the content is the main aspect here.

How to buy Instagram Likes and followers
We preferably not recommend the same to you here but still, if you want, you can easily do it through two popular and un-recommended methods.

  • Subscribe to a service that is providing smooth access to Instagram bots. You have to follow up or like photos of the related accounts.
  • You can create multiple fake accounts and can make use of them for liking your brand’s content; you can also opt for the services that are selling Instagram likes or followers here as well.

Once you have improved the engagement level for your Instagram account, you can leave these options and can try for the organic traffic options.

Why not buy Instagram likes and followers
The lists of reasons why we do not prefer you to go to buy Instagram followers and likes. If you are willing to get the main ones, just have a look at the few we are providing you below:

It affects your Instagram engagement
Getting a larger number of followers to your Instagram account is not quite enough. One needs to work on improving the engagement level as well. If you are having more than one million followers to your account but still not getting about 2000 likes per photo, it is going to badly affect your business.

For an ideal situation if you are having less than 1,000 followers to your account, the engagement rate to your account needed to be at least 8% but if you are having about 1,000 – 10,000 followers the engagement rate needed to be about 4% least for sure. For having followers of about 10,000 – 100,000 you need to have at least about 2.4% engagement rate and if you have crossed one million followers the average engagement rate should be 1.7% least.

Legal issues
Buying Instagram followers and likes can bring up a lot of legal issues for you. You might get a warning for the very first time but if not being taken care of for a longer run, your Instagram account can be permanently deleted off. Instagram purges the fake followers constantly and if you are planning to spend your hard-earned money just to grow up your number it is going to be ultimately ended up with a loss.

No money earning
Buying fake followers is really not going to bring up any source of income for you. Just because you are having several followers on your account is not that different brands will look forward to you promoting their products. Brands have become smarter now and the majority of the organizations today use different tools and knowledge just to check out the fake and real deals.

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