A Complete Guide To Mice Control And Removal

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A Complete Guide To Mice Control And Removal

If you have found dropping in your home’s corners or chew marks on the cereal boxes or scratching in the walls, then you may be experiencing a mice infestation. It can be a serious issue as mice can be accompanied by lice and fleas, damage books and furniture, contaminate your food, and create a fire hazard by chewing the electric wires. You may try to eliminate these pests yourself using baits and traps, but it can be a difficult process. So, this is where a professional pest control Melbourne company comes in. A professional company will use a combination of chemical baits and mechanical traps that are dangerous to use but quite effective for mice removal.

Taking control of mic infestations in your property is vital as they tend to:

  • Contaminate your foodstuffs since pathogens in their feces and urine can transmit diseases like Salmonellosis and Hantavirus.
  • Damage property since continuous gnawing by mice will damage pipes, insulation, floorboards, doors, and more.
  • Case damages because they gnaw to cuddle via gaps. They are also attracted toward electrical wiring and wood to gnaw and this can result in first hazards.

Signs of A Mice Infestation
For most people, spotting a single mouse is not a big deal. Possibly you are right, but at times, there may be many more mice burrowed in a nest. Mice are social creatures and generally live in groups. Looking for the signs mentioned below can assure that you have a mice infestation inside your home:

  • Scurrying sounds in rooms
  • Scratching sounds in walls
  • Dropping of 1/8 to 1/2 “
  • Musky odors
  • Footprints in dust
  • Chew marks on food bags, electric wiring, and wood
  • Nest made from shredded papers under or behind furniture

Tips to Keep Mice Away From Your Property
There are many steps that you can easily take for mice control and removal. Let’s look at some of them below:

Remove any food sources: Food sources are a major attraction to mice. You should wash your dishes and wipe out your counterparts immediately. To keep the mice away, enclose food items in airtight containers always and ensure that garbage is sealed and regularly taken out.

Seal Every Entry Point: Mice can easily squeeze into small places. So, rodent-proof your home to keep new mice away from everything. Seal access points like any cracks in wall openings and foundations, particularly where the walls meet utility pipes. You can use sealants such as steel wool or caulk. You can use weather stripping to seal your doors tightly.

Use A Glue Trap: These are handy materials as they can kill many mice at once. You need to place food in the middle of the trap first. Then you can put the trap behind furniture, against walls, and in corners. Once you trap one mouse, more of them will come to find out what is going on and get trapped too.

Use a Human Trap: These traps can catch mice without even harming them. These are well-ventilated plastic traps that have spring doors. To get the baits, mice with entering these traps and once they step on its trigger pad, the trap’s door will get closed. You will have to keep a check on the trap regularly so that you do not leave the mouse to die inside it.

Use Wood Snap Traps: Since bait traps work slowly and are dangerous to deal with if you are not a mice control Melbourne expert, wood snap traps are a better option. They can take complete care of moderate infestations by killing one mouse at a time.

Place Bait Stations: A bait station consists of a rodenticide in a sealed package, generally in cellophane or plastic. Once the mice chew the package and consume the bait, it dies. Such chemicals can be hazardous to pets and people. While you can use a bait station yourself, it is best to leave them to the experts.

How Can You Prevent Mice
Make your house less accessible to these creatures to stop them from coming inside. Ensure to keep your shrubs and lawn trimmed to stop them from hiding inside them. Moreover, you should keep the woodpiles at least 20 feet away from your house and not rest them against your house’s foundation. Mice love to use the woodpiles as a shelter in colder months, and they can come into your house from there.

A mice infestation not only can cause health hazards but can be stressful and fearful for families. Most people don’t worry about a mice infestation until it happens. It is more reassuring to contact the pest control professionals if you are facing a mice problem to take care of it for you.

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