Use your smartwatch as a camera remote for your Smartphone

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Use your smartwatch as a camera remote for your Smartphone

The idea is pretty clear today, as are the measures, we're going to install an app that helps you to monitor the camera on your phone with your Android Wear fitness tracker or activity tracker. There are a few applications to pick from, so we picked our choice. Unfortunately, it wasn't open.

Use your smartwatch as a camera remote for your Smartphone:

Google Camera:
If you do not want to leave a couple of dollars for a solution, keep in mind that the default Google Camera app includes some of these functions. When you fire the camera on your phone or tablet, check the notification on your Android Wear device to enable the remote trigger.

The countdown starts, make sure your phone or tablet is pointed where you want it to be, and the boom, the photo is taken.

Finally, the photo you took will pop up on your Android Wear device. The low-resolution image on your small smartwatch display may not be the right one to determine if you have the right shot, but you can at least look at the basics and proceed as needed.

Remember, Google Camera is free, but not all phones can use it, give it a try, but remember to check out Pixstocom if you are looking for something else.

I hope you do not need to clarify for yourself when you can use this project, we explored it before using other tools, it is one of our favorites. Keep in mind that your Android Wear device usually needs to be within Bluetooth connectivity for this camera remote app to work, so it's good for selfies or small group photos.

The best part about this project is that the camera is fair as long as you do not use flash. If your phone or tablet is on the other side and you are within range to shoot the app on your Android Wear device, you can get a live view from the front or rear camera and take a picture with a tap.

PixTocom allows you to control which camera to use, take pictures or videos, you can select Flash settings, photo resolution, and add a timer. All the default actions on the front end of the stock Android camera app are placed on your wrist, making it super easy to take super photos from a distance.

I think you not only can control where the phone is pointing but if you can reject it in advance, you are in business.

To use PixtoCam, install it and burn it from your Android Wear device. The app does not appear on your Android phone or tablet.

Select your settings to snap your photos and hit the trigger button below.

Final Verdict:
There are more than a few apps like PixtoCam that can monitor the camera on your phone or tablet remotely, as described. Before you stick to one, I advise you to consider a couple of them, but I think you would end up where I did, back at one of these two options.

Remember more than a year ago when we looked at Tasker Now, the app that activates Tasker Tasks using your Android Wear device? If you have the right Tasker camera project already running, don't forget that you can still use that project.

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