Introduction to cashback websites and detailed explanation of their working

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Introduction to cashback websites and detailed explanation of their working

Cashback websites are websites created for the purpose of rewarding users. These websites provide rewards to the users in the form of cashback. The reward is some percentage of the transaction amount when a customer makes a purchase through retailer websites affiliated with the respective cashback website.

What happens is that rather than going directly to the physical store location, you go to the retailer's online store or website through the links given on the cashback website.

While this cashback process takes place, the item is still provided to the customer by the retailer, and on top of that, the customer will also get some part of the transaction amount spent, from the cashback website.

Therefore, the money received as cashback is basically a percentage of the total amount spent by the customer while making the purchasing products from the retailer website online.

Cashback websites carry links for all sorts of retailers, whether it’s groceries, toiletries, electronics, or even insurance policies or broadband deals. Cashback offers may be available on any or all of them.

The working of cashback websites is a coherent business model where the cashback website acts as a rewarding medium between the consumer and the retailer giving part of the spent money back to the customer. What happens essentially is that the cashback website guides customers to the retailer websites with its exclusive deals and offers and the customer visits the retailer website through those links and browses it to find the products they want to buy. After the customer shops and the payment is confirmed, the retailer pays the cashback website part of the sum as commission, which is returned back to the customer as cashback after confirmation of the transaction. So the retailer does not really play any part in offering the cashback to the consumer, the cashback websites do. Cashbacks are essentially commissions given by retailers to cashback websites to guide paying customers to their portals/websites. So, this is how revenue is generated by the cashback websites. The amount of time taken to earn cashback rewards depends on the cashback website. Some websites will offer cashback in four to six weeks. While other websites will offer cashback after a couple of months. There is a certain time gap between the purchase of goods and the payment of cashback to ensure that there is no cashback payment for products that are returned or canceled. Cashbacks are offered to the customer in a variety of ways. Bank transfers, gift cards, bank checks, smartphone recharges, and online orders are some of the ways used to provide users with cashback. They can also be sold on online payment platforms, such as PayPal. Some cashback websites keep a minimum amount such that the consumer needs to make a certain number of transactions to fulfill that minimum limit and in turn, be eligible for cashback. Many cashback websites give incentives to their users when they refer friends and family and other people to these websites. They also provide other incentives in order to increase their number of users and retain their loyalty.

What are the advantages of cashback websites for the users
Surely these cashback websites are very rewarding and beneficial. Let us look at some of their advantages mentioned below.

• A huge number of goods and services can be purchased through cashback websites, which are affiliated with all sorts of online retailers

• Customers get more rewards when they refer others to cashback websites. Some of these websites even give away a percentage of their purchases.

• Many of the cashback websites are free which allows customers to earn 100% cashback.

• Many cashback websites have communities of users, so users get savings tips and get to know about experiences from smart buyers, helping them to buy smartly and carefully to save more.

• If there is a better deal on another cashback website, some will match these rates because of the competition between them, so with diligence, users can make sure to always get the best cashback offers and amazing deals.

Which are the top cashback websites available online in India

Here are the names of some of the Indian best cashback websites. Make sure to visit them to get the best deals and cashback offers from these top cashback websites in India.

1. CouponDunia

2. GoPaisa

3. CashKaro

4. TopCashback

5. Pennyful

6. PaisaWapas

7. Baggout

8. PaisaGet

9. CashVaapas

10. Zingoy

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