Tyre Maintenance and Care Guide

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Tyre Maintenance and Care Guide

One of the best ways to ensure adequate performance and mileage from your car tyres is by giving them monthly and simple inspections for tread wear, damage as well as proper inflation.

Always maintain appropriate inflation in all your tyres
Decent air inflation is essential in providing the best performance, fuel economy, and safety. Remember to regularly (at least every month) verify that your Pirelli banden Leeuwarden is properly inflated (once they are cold) using an accurate pressure gauge.

Keep air inflation at the suggested level
Maintaining appropriate inflation levels is the most significant thing experts recommend doing to help their car tyres stay durable and last longer, and the best part is that you can locate the suggested pressure level on your car's manual.

Poorly inflation is the main cause of severe tyre damage which can lead to serious cracking, bulges, and air loss, while it also decreases the load capacity, adds rolling resistance and excessive sidewall damage, resulting in mechanical failure and extreme heat.

Bad inflation can also increase stiffness causing an unpleasant driving experience, unnecessary vibration, as well as the likelihood of car accidents.

Never roll your car tyres excessively
Try to avoid excessively spinning your tyres when your car is trapped in ice, mud, sand or snow.

This can cause irreparable damage and over-heat. Use a back and forth rocking movement to slowly free your car.

Check for premature wear
It is always important to remove your tyres once they reach more than one millimetre of tread depth. Luckily, most car tyres are equipped with wear indicators. Car accidents can occur from sliding on bald tyres. Extremely worn tyres tend to suffer more punctures.

Check for damage
Specialists recommend to regularly (or at least every month) check all your tyres before any trip for any signs of wear and tear. If you need help, have a mechanic inspect them. Penetrations, cracks, impacts, knots, air loss, and bulges always require removal as well as expert inspection.

Never attempt to fit your own set of tyres
Severe damage can result after an explosion caused by inadequate mounting procedures. Do not forget to always abide by your tyre maker's instructions. Only well-trained people can mount tyres.

Never combine tyres of various types and sizes
If you want to get the best control and handling, we recommend fitting the same size and type of tyres as stated by your car manufacturer.

Always consult your vehicle’s manual before switching your tyres. Vehicle handling and grip can be affected after changing your tyre type or size. When choosing tyres that are different from the original ones, consult a qualified installer to ensure proper clearance, inflation pressure, and load-carrying capacity are selected. Avoid fitting new tyres that have less carrying capability than needed by the car's original equipment maker.

Never overload your car
Check your car’s manual before determining its load limits. If you overload your car, additional stress will be placed on your Autobanden Leeuwarden and other essential vehicle parts. This could also cause increased fuel efficiency, tyre damage, and poor handling. That is why you should avoid fitting your car with tyres offering less load-bearing capacity.

Maintain wheel alignment and vehicle suspension
Worn parts, poor inflation, wheel imbalance, as well as misalignment can lead to irregular wear and vibration.

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