How Can you Limit Download speed in Google Chrome Address Bar

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How Can you Limit Download speed in Google Chrome Address Bar

Although Google Chrome and other web browsers allow you to install files by tapping at once, when you download several files simultaneously, it will create a bandwidth issue. While downloading, if you are facing issues, and if you want to know How to change the font size in Google chrome address bar, this given below blog will help you limit the download speed in Google Chrome.

Effective Steps to Limit Download Speed in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Hit on the option of the three dots symbol.
  • Now, you can search for the More Tools.
  • Press on the Developer Tools.
  • Open the tools by hitting on the Control +Shift+ I keys together.
  • Press on the three vertical dots symbol that is given at the upper right-hand side.
  • Now, select the Settings tab by scrolling the list that appears before you.
  • After that, select the throttling option to open the Network Throttling Profiles window.
  • Now, Select the Add custom profile option for making a new profile.
  • When you are creating a profile, type the download speed of Google Chrome in kb/s.
  • Now, you can put the limitations of uploading anything.
  • However, if you don't know how fast your internet connection is, you can use the Speed test application.
  • Put the rates as you like.
  • Enter the name of the profile.
  • Type a profile name– Slow, if you wish to limit your internet connection speed.
  • If you want to place download speed to maximum, enter the profile name, i.e., fast.
  • Tap on the Add option.
  • Now, follow all these steps to limit download speed in Google Chrome.
  • You can go to the DevTools option for making a new profile or editing the current one.

Significant Tips you should always keep in mind.

Isolated Tabs
The downloaded profile that you have selected will work on the tab that you have used for. You can't move the download limit to another tab that is already opened. Every tab which is isolated is well known as isolated tabs. You have to type the download speed of each tab manually before downloading anything from the Google Chrome browser.

Video Streaming
If you want to start streaming the videos by limiting the download speed, be sure that you have entered the right profile before you begin the streaming process. The videos in which you cannot change the size will not work well with slow download speed.

Don't Set a Default Profile
In case you have set more than two profiles, then do not return to the original profile settings of Google Chrome. You can do changes among the profiles that you have to generate to make sure that the download speed is always there where you wish to place it. In case you want to change to the original profile settings, then the download speed returns to its normal state, and you cannot perform anything until the procedure gets completed.

Don't Stop DevTools
You have to wait until the download finishes before going to the DevTools panel. In case you complete this procedure while the procedure is going on, then Google Chrome returns to its default settings.

Now, you have to start activating a profile before you begin the downloading process. However, if you have already started the downloading process, you should not suppose to change a profile.

By following all the above-given steps, you can limit download speed in Google Chrome, and if you still need assistance, you can reach the experts for help.

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