Ensure These Steps For Cooling System This Summer

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Ensure These Steps For Cooling System This Summer

Every year once we bid goodbye to the summers, it seems that from switching to fan and then our air conditioning Sydney we hardly pay any attention to its requirements. After all, it’s a delicate and compact machine that has been lying around for the whole winter season with no active users. And now suddenly you are relying on the same to save you from the blazing heat outside.

Very soon everyone will turn to this cooling system and seek relief from the heat but before you expect the cooling system to work for you every time, make sure you are following these steps to maintain its good run and long term warranty.

Let’s take a look at these steps:
By taking the responsibility in your hand to run the basic check or doing the small repairs that don’t require experts precision or call for timely services with professional will save you from the scorching heat.

The mentioned steps are simple which you implement visually and physically to the different parts of the system and make it work for you in the long warm season ahead.

In this segment, the steps mentioned will cover both indoor and outdoor equipment but before moving forward, here are the terms associated with the cooling system that you should be aware of:

1. Air conditioning: Provide total control over the temperature and humidity; get rid of moisture through condensation.

2. Compressor: This part is used for changing low-pressure refrigerants to high-pressure refrigerants.

3. Condenser: This is the part where the refrigerator gives off heat by turning it into liquid from a gas.

4. Evaporator: A part where liquid refrigerant is changed to gas after absorbing heat from the inside air.

5. Filter: this is a part used along with the drier or even as an individual component unit to get rid of all the foreign substances from the refrigerant, the installation is done in series with the liquid line on the high side of the system.

Indoor equipment that allows the overall well being before running the cooling system
To proceed with, put your thermostat switched off and maintain the temperature of around 80 degrees (or your high setting), and then get started with checking these things:

1. Take a look at the thermostat: If it is outdated, it might be eating all your money and energy, hence, getting a new one installed is the better option.

2. Check the ductwork for any potential exposure: This will make your cooling system inefficient and your house won’t cool down.

3. Check all the air vents present at the home: If there is something that is causing the blockage with the airflow, get rid of it instantly.

4. Check the line of drainage: Near the indoor cooling coil, you will find a drainage system that is usually placed above the furnace in the basement. To clean this up, you can flush one cup of chlorine bleach down the air conditioning drain and later rinse with water that allows your drain to remain clear through the summer. There are chances that they might have been clogged since a lot of dirt gets collected by the indoor coil. The clogging situation is not favorable since now the water has to go somewhere and there will be a backup of water in the drain pan causing serious water damage to your home. To clean these drain lines, get in touch with professionals once a year.

5. Replace the air filter: Every three months you have to bring in the new set of air filters or whatever your manufacturer recommends you do. However, this has to be done before the start of a new cooling or heating season.

6. Give a quick check to all the circuits to ensure the electrical connections are on.

7. Ensure the power is turned on with your ducted air conditioning Sydney unit, and then you can move forward with the inspection of outdoor equipment.

Outdoor equipment to look at for good run

1. Condenser unit at the outside: Ensure that there is no blockage near or in the equipment and do a deep cleaning around the unit. The interior components’ performance gets down with leaves, debris, and vines since they cause the blockage.

2. Look with the refrigerant lines: You need to ensure the lines are insulated properly so that the efficiency of the system can be maintained. In case of any assistance, always consult a professional.

3. Check the outdoor electrical wiring’s condition: If you notice that there is some damage or cut, immediately call the professionals and do not turn on the system.

4. Know when to say goodbye: All the machines have their certain age and you need to know when is the right time to say goodbye to the existing one and switch to the new system. But don’t worry since you will only get your hands on the advanced cooling system available in the market!

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