A short guide to Understand Tyre Profile Symmetry

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A short guide to Understand Tyre Profile Symmetry

When it comes to buying car tyres, the available options can buzz out one’s mind. Out of the various options, one can decide to buy low profile tyres. These tyres are becoming the new trend and so whether you look for a great buy or any other second-hand car for use, you shall surely come across low profile tyres.

What is Tyre Profile
Tyre profile is one of the many factors that affect the measurements of a tyre. Model height is the other name of the tyre profile. It is the height of the tyre, starting from the rim of the wheel to the tyre edge. Tyre profile matters a lot when it comes to choosing the tyre size for your vehicle.

It is possible to get low profile Car Tyres Leicester for your car instead of the regular ones, but that needs to be balanced with other parameters as well. So if the model height changes, width, wheel rim diameter and such other factors influencing the size also needs to be altered to attain the right tyre for your car.

There is no other way to do it and no option to be lazy about altering the parameters, according to your vehicle requirement because otherwise, the tyre shall not be capable of balancing the vehicle weight or performance either. This means you might have to pay a heavy price for avoiding the proper process of choosing low profile tyres as there remains a high chance of tyre damage and even road accidents.

Low Profile Tyres
As mentioned before, the tyre profile is an integrated part of tyre measurement, which is alterable, considering the need for a vehicle. Low profile tyres are those that have a low tyre profile or model height. To be clearer, a low profile tyre has a low side height in comparison to its cross-section width.

Now, in case you are wondering when is it okay to get such Mercedes Tyres Leicester, let us talk a little about that. Usually considering the features of a low profile tyre, it is mainly used for sports cars or even medium to high-class vehicles. Some even have these as their original equipment as it suits well to their performance need.

But in recent time, many car owners are getting the same for their vehicles for providing an exciting and sporty look to them. This is more about fashion than a requirement at present. But that comes with a lot of plus and minus effect.

It is always better to do your own research before making any decision; You need to consult a specialist or a professional regarding low profile tyres for your car so that there is no risk involved during the drive.

Since the concept of low profile tyres emerged, the number has kept changing. Back in the 1970s, any tyre with a model height below 80 would be considered low. But now it has gone down below 50. So the next time you check a tyre label, see if the number just before the letter R (Radial) is below 50 to understand it’s typing. For example, if the label reads- 225/45 R15, it is a low profile tyre as “45” denotes the percentage of sidewall height in connection to the tyre width (225).

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