8 tourist attractions to visit in Kerala

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8 tourist attractions to visit in Kerala

Several features that define Kerala as the most popular tourist destination in India include luxuriant green tea plantings, serene winding backwaters, and spice plants. Kerala is a popular haven for visitors who come to relax in the healthy climate away from the concrete jungle, as 'God's own country.' Kerala is a vision for wrathful eyes in this state in which the topography ranges from cool hills to balmy beaches. Here is a list of places that all visitors to this tropical paradise have to see.

The most famous backwaters of Kerala are Alleppey or Alappuzha. The waters are a network of brackish canals, lakes, and rivers that cross the state of Kerala in part. You can sail down the waters while you enjoy the unique feeling of the "Kettuvallams" or of your houseboats which have a taste of Kerala’s typical food. There are several unique temples and churches for other curious travelers that add more value to Alleppey's picturesque beauty.

The nearest airport to Alleppey is the Cochin International Airport, which is 75 kilometers away. The airport is easily accessible to major cities both in India and abroad.

The Kady houses the famous Sanctuary of Periyar. You can watch the elephants that walk along with the sanctuary, explore the green forests, take a boat cruise across the Periyar Lake or take a safari elephant to the depths of the wild. For wildlife lovers and people looking to rejuvenate in the nebulous Nilgiris mountains, Periyar is the best place to spend time.

Kochi is Kerala's capital for culture and economics. It is a hub for tourism and attracts visitors from around the globe. There are many ways to celebrate your eyes in Kochi from Chinese fishing nets to exotic spice cultivation. This city is a blend of different cultures that still last until now. In every corner of Kochi, there is a surprise, only waiting for discovery.

Munnar is considered to be one of Kerala's most lovely tourist spots. Munnar is clearly one of the highest tea producers in the Indian subcontinent located on the western Ghats. Your spirit and soul are rejuvenated by the hills on which the clouds in Munnar touch. The town is surrounded on the other side by a narrow stretch of the Arab Sea and the Western Ghats, making Munnar a unique getaway out of the city. Backwaters, beautiful waterfalls, sunny beaches, dull mountains, and gushing streams – Munnar is all about it!

Thrissur used to be the capital of the Kingdom of the Kochins but now, because of its spiritual, cultural, and religious inclinations throughout history, it is considered the cultural capital of the Kerala region. Several lovely temples and churches can be visited and become a hub in town during the festive season. When you are in Thrissur, you must try the delicious Vellayappam, a rice hopper of the town.

How to get there: there isn't an airport in Thrissur. There isn't an airport in Thrissur. Kochi Airport, 95 km from Thrissur, is the closest airport. From other major towns in the country, you can easily get regular trains to Thrissur. Tourist buses from major cities of the country are also available for Thrissur. Threshold. From other major towns in the country, you can easily get regular trains to Thrissur. Tourist buses from major cities of the country are also available for Thrissur.

Drop your feet into Kovalam's warm sandy beaches. There are numerous coconut trees to the eye, and you have a popular tourist destination in these prime resorts around the green vegetation. In recent years, Kovalam has become a center of Ayurvedic healing. So Kovalam is your type of getaway if you want to take a break and feel energetic.

How to get there: Trivandrum, 20 km from Kovalam, is the nearest airport and railway station. Taxi cables or car rickshaws can be hired in Kerala as an excellent means of transport.

One of the main stations of the hills to the south, in Wayanad, tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper, and other spices are produced. The area is full of natural wonders such as cascades, caves, lakes, and dams and you will enjoy the cool weather of Wayanad. Visit the Muthanga Fauna Sanctuary, where wildlife species, such as Deer Spot, Bison, Cheetah, and Bears are located.

This town is otherwise known as Trivandrum and is presumably the state's capital and culturally wealthiest part. Trivandrum hosted several rulers who left their mark on the city. The rapid development of the unique heritage in the form of architecture and culture still embodied in the city has not been hindered. Particularly in town is the Kowdiar Palace, which used to be the official residence of the royal family of Travancore.

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