Facts and benefits about merit scholarship GIIS Pune

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Facts and benefits about merit scholarship GIIS Pune

Did you know that you can win a scholarship at GIIS Pune if you are a meritorious student? The school is one of the best international schools that offer a plethora of scholarships to students. The school believes in helping and supporting students to perform at their highest potential. Through such awards, you can have the privilege to study in this prestigious institution and enjoy a quality education.

GIIS Pune awards merit scholarships to students who have strong performances in their academics or co-curricular activities. There are three types of merit scholarships awarded by the institution, and they include:

1. Mahatma Gandhi Universal Merit-cum-Means Scholarship
Meritorious students who come from moderate-income families qualify to apply for this scholarship. It seeks to recognize students who attain high scores in their academics and co-curricular activities. The aim is to make education affordable to parents with different financial strengths.

2. Global Citizen Scholarship
This scholarship aims to prepare distinctive students for future growth. It gives them a chance to learn in a unique environment that helps them to grow holistically. Through this scholarship, students get the upper hand in admissions to top universities across the world.

3. Global FUTURE-READY Merit scholarship
This is a merit-based program that GIIS Pune awards to students who exhibit exemplary performance in their academics. The scheme allows young minds to enjoy a global learning experience. It makes it easier for them to gain admission to universities of their choice and get exceptional career options.

Facts about the merit scholarship
A merit scholarship targets students who record exemplary results in their academics and other areas of particular interest. The eligibility criteria are often 85% and above for students who want to be considered.

One of the crucial requirements that you cannot miss out on when submitting your application for this type of scholarship is proof of your academic performance. You must submit a report card or any academic transcript that shows your examination results for the past two years.

For a student to remain eligible, they must maintain strong performances in their academics.

Benefits of the merit scholarship
There are several benefits that a merit scholarship offers to students. They include:

1. Access to quality education at affordable rates
Students who win this type of scholarship at GIIS Pune get the advantage of studying in the best school at affordable fees in comparison to other international schools in the region. They are exposed to comprehensive learning frameworks and curricula that help them to excel in their academics and social life.

2. Recognition
When you win a merit scholarship, you get recognized for your academic prowess. This boosts your confidence and gives you a high status among your peers. This kind of confidence goes a long way in bolstering your motivation and desire to perform better and be successful.

3. Quick admission to universities
Getting such an award will give you an advantage over other students when it comes to university admissions. Universities are always looking out for students with a record of high scores and achievements in other aspects of learning. If your records show that another institution has recognized you for your high performances, the school will prioritize you in the admission process.

4. Offers a life-changing opportunity
A merit-based scholarship does not only focus on giving financial aid to qualified students. The program is fully packed to nurture a student and open more doors for success. At GIIS Pune, a merit scholarship allows a student the chance to study in the best universities for their undergraduate programs. It exposes them to the global intellectual arena, where a student can interact and collaborate with other students from campuses across the globe. This enriches their experiences and brings out the best in them.

This type of scholarship is essential for any student. Go for it if you meet all the eligibility criteria. The benefits that come with such a scholarship will change your life for the better.

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